Yua Mimino
Kanji 美々野ゆあ
Romaji Mimino Yua
Full Name Yua Mimino
Nicknames Ai, Love, Lovely
Species Human
Associates Hoshi, Magical Girls
Alter Ego Lovely Fighter
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 13
Theme Color Pink
Anime Information
Debut Episode Episode 1
Yua Mimino is the protagonist of the Lovely Fighter series. Her alter ego is Lovely Fighter (ラブリーファイター Raburī Faitā).



Yua is a kind, sweet girl who wants people to be happy. She is always there when people need her. She helps anybody, including people she doesn't know. Yua is very smart, and knows which people she should help and which not. She isn't that great at her studies or sports, but she still does fine. After becoming Lovely Fighter, she has a more confident and brave personality. Her other traits still remain.


Lovely FighterEdit

Lovely Fighter is Yua's magical girl ego. Her symbol is hearts.