Hoshi / Tomomi Hoshizora
Kanji ホシ / 星空ともみ
Romaji Hoshi / Hoshizora Tomomi
Full Name Hoshi
Nicknames Tomomi, Star, Starshine
Associates Yua, Magical Girls
Alter Ego Starshine Fighter
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 11
Theme Color Blue
Anime Information
Debut Episode Episode 1
Hoshi is Yua's partner and the second protagonist in the Lovely Fighter series. She can become a civilian named Tomomi Hoshizora (星空ともみ Hoshizora Tomomi). Her alter ego is Starshine Fighter (スターシャインファイター Sutāshain Faitā).




Starshine FighterEdit

Starshine Fighter is Hoshi's second ego and magical girl form. Her symbol is stars.



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